• How Long Does It Take To Clean Your Cell Phone?

    Suggested Use is 5 to 10 Slow Scans at Close Range over your cell phone, tablet, laptop, camera, etc.. The longer the exposure, the better the sterilization.

  • Whats the wattage and the wavelength of UV Magic?

    The Wattage is 3W. The Wavelength is 253.7nm(UVC). UV-C light is most effective for germicidal disinfection between 200nm - 280nm. FDA website also provides more information on wavelength, and everything UV-C light kills and disinfects, including covid-19.

  • Does uv magic sanitizer include a usb cable?

    Yes, we do include a USB cable with every UV Magic. The USB cable is a power source, and does not charge the batteries. There are two ways to power the UV Magic, with batteries (included), and with a USB cable (included).

  • Whats the life of batteries with average use?

    With suggest use of 5 to 10 scans per item, being used once per day, you can expect batteries to last upwards of 200+ minutes. If not used, batteries will last for many months. We can say about 3 to 6 months to keep expectations within reason.

  • Can you use this on shopping carts?

    Absolutely! A Few Simple Scans and the Cart Handle is Germ Free! However, a wipe the store provides is typically faster, unless your allergic to those sanitizing wipes. UV Magic is best used for cell phones, keyboards, laptops, electronics, all surfaces and belongings you typically do not want to get wet.

  • Where is this manufactured?

    UV Magic is manufactured by our EPA registered company in China. Once Manufactured and before shipment to the US; UV Magic is individually hand tested for proper functionality, Only 100% working units are packaged and shipped. When UV Magic arrives to our Las Vegas facility, we then triple test each unit before we package and ship them to our thousands of customers, to ensure 100% proper function.

  • How long does it take to sanitize an item or surface?

    A surface is germ free after about 5 to 10 slow scans at a fairly close distance, the longer the UV light shines on the surface, the better the sterilization.

  • Do you offer Free Shipping?

    Shipping is free for all orders within the U.S. We do not offer free shipping outside of the US. However; International customers who are planning to order 10 or more UV Magics, please contact us to discuss free shipping.

  • Whats Your Return & Refund Policy?

    We offer a 30 day money back guarantee for any UV Magic. We also offer replacing any UV Magic in the rare occurrence your UV Magic is not functioning 100% perfectly. We do not provide free shipping when returning items to us, but we will pay for shipping to send you a new unit.